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The Witches’ Creed
And “Do What You Will” be the challenge
So be it in love that harms none
For this is the only commandment
By magick of old be it done.
Moon Phases, Sun Cycles & Pagan Sabbats

The Moon-ths of May & June 2018 CE
The Moon
Waning half Moon in Aq.May 7 7:09pm
New Moon in TaurusMay 154:48am
Waxing half Moon in VirgoMay 218:49pm
Full Moon in SagittariusMay 297:19am

The Sun
Beltane at 15 degrees TaurusMay 6
Sun moves into GeminiMay 207:15pm

May Day-Beltane
Beltane is the cross-quarter fire sabbat celebrated halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It is celebrated by some on the calendar date of May 1, also known as May Day; Lunar Beltane is celebrated when the Full Moon is in Scorpio. No matter the date, the Sun is in the fertile Earth sign of Taurus at this Beltane time of year.
Planting, tilling, preparing—as above, so below, our gardens show us what’s being called for, for our inner work.
To celebrate this sacred time, dance the Maypole and jump the Beltane Fire. (Women, be very mindful around this time if you are not wanting your physical fertility sparked with new life.) May you dance with free abandon and be filled with the joys of life. So mote it be.

The Moon
Waning half Moon in PiscesJun 6 11:32am
New Moon in GeminiJun 13 12:43pm
Waxing half Moon in VirgoJun 203:51am
Full Moon in CapricornJun 279:53pm

The Sun: Summer Solstice
Sun moves into CancerJun 213:07am

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice! Does it need an explanation?! Are you feeling the build up, like the Full Moon each moon-th? … But we wait a whole year for this celebration!
Like a snowflake that gets quietly awakened and then joins in on the deluge of expression, down and through the mountainsides to meet the river; transformed, readying itself for the calm waters of Summer.
Can you hear the music, the laughter and children playing, and the love being shared?
This Summer, may you shine on like the Sun, and the “crazy diamond” that you are, in all your glory, growing and in-joying yourself as we reach the zenith and relax into the glory of being.
So mote it be.