Witch Watch
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The Witches’ Creed
And “Do What You Will” be the challenge
So be it in love that harms none
For this is the only commandment
By magick of old be it done.
Moon Phases, Sun Cycles & Pagan Sabbats

The Moonth of April 2018 CE
The Moon
Waning half Moon in Cap.Apr 8 12:17am
New Moon in AriesApr 156:57pm
Waxing half Moon in LeoApr 222:45pm
                            Lunar Beltane:
Full Moon in ScorpioApr 295:58pm

The Sun
Sun moves into TaurusApr 198:12pm

With seeds ready to be planted or starting to sprout, and the full swing of Spring now upon us with the New Moon also in Aries, as Taurus-time approaches, we start to have feelings about fertility. I was going to say, “think about”, but thinking belongs to Gemini, and the Earthy feminine sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, is definitely about feeling … Feeling in the having sense—down-to-Earth, sensual, nourishing—all the practical attributes that our seeds, their spark ignited, now want to feel and have, for life, fertile growth, sustenance after resurrection. So mote it be.