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The Witches’ Creed
And “Do What You Will” be the challenge
So be it in love that harms none
For this is the only commandment
By magick of old be it done.
Moon Phases, Sun Cycles & Pagan Sabbats

The Moonths of February & March 2019 CE
The Moon
              Lunar Imbolc:
New Moon in AquariusFeb 41:03pm
Waxing half Moon in TaurusFeb 122:26pm
Full Moon in VirgoFeb 197:53am
Waning half Moon in Sag.Feb 261:10pm

The Sun
                     Imbolc at cross-quarter:
  Sun at 15 degrees AquariusFeb 5
Sun moves into PiscesFeb 18 3:04pm

Imbolc: The quickening
Whilst the calendar dates of Feb. 1 or 2 are recognized as Imbolc (aka Candlemas), it’s when the Sun and New Moon come around the wheel to half way through Aquarius that we start to feel the quickening of Spring in utero.
As with cabin fever, we are ready for the new year and all that Spring offers … but not before spending a final moonth in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, are we truly ready to give birth to all we have gestated.
What self-nurturance do we need to heed before springing out into a new year? What wisdom can we take with us from the sparks of the Aquarian ether, and the collective unconscious waters of Pisces? May it be sublime.
So mote it be.
The Moon
             New Moon in PiscesMar 68:04am
Waxing half Moon in GeminiMar 143:27am
Full Moon in LibraMar 206:43pm
Waning half Moon in Cap.Mar 279:10pm

The Sun
            Sun moves into AriesMar 202:58pm     

Spring Equinox
The sabbat that needs no introduction! Starting the year off with a bang, Spring Equinox, at the end of Pisces and beginning of Aries, will be joined by the Full Moon in Libra.
The least complicated of the zodiacal experiences, the first house—individuation. What do we want? Spring! When do want it? Now!
But before that fiery birthing burst into Aries, we languish in the warm womb waters of Pisces—ruler of the last twelfth house of the zodiac where we cease to exist as individuals—where all we’ve accumulated over that past year melds, blends, becomes nothing, and becomes everything, as part of the collective unconscious. May your deliverance be graceful. So mote it be.