Contact Information:
735 Highway 6, Cherryville, B.C. V0E 2G3, Canada
Managers:  Dustin & Clint Whitecotton
Telephone:  (250) 547 0011; 547 6550
Toll-free:  (1888) 503 8219
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Whitewood is an authentic, rustic destination with upgrades for convenience and comfort.  The original log structures; guesthouse, barn, tack shed and storage sheds, built almost eighty years ago by the Schafer family, reflect the rural surroundings and quiet, country living.

Its mountain setting is in Cherryville, British Columbia, Canada; on Highway 6, a picturesque two-lane road that links The Kootenays to The Okanagan.  Its winding scenery attracts many travellers, not only for the drive, but also for the wildlife.

Located just minutes from Sugar and Echo Lakes, as well as numerous creeks and Shuswap River, Whitewood is very appealing to people who love the outdoors and like to fish, hike, camp, boat, swim or just relax.  Numerous other small lakes are just a short drive or hike away.
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Cherryville is in the heart of the Monashee Mountains and is filled with trails to access the low valley bottoms or the high alpine vistas, including Monashee Provincial Park, one of the most beautiful parks in B.C.  Here you can hike through a forest containing giant cedar trees, not yet obsolete, and then on to Spectrum Lake (or Rainbow Lake, as it's known to the old timers and some locals) for a break, before you start the upward trek for Peter's Lake and the alpine slopes of Mount Fostal, Caribou Pass, Margie Lake, Slate Mountain, the Fawn Lakes, Valley of the Moon, Icebound Lake, Mountains Thor and Odin, and the list goes on and on.

Wildlife in the Cherryville area include the ever-abundant deer, as well as moose, bear (both Black Bears in the low areas and Grizzly in more remote areas), coyotes, skunk, grouse, eagles, hawks, owls, herons, marmots, Pileated Woodpeckers, beaver and muskrat, as well as numerous other smaller birds and animals.  Some lucky souls catch sightings of our more elusive residents: elk, bobcat, lynx and cougar, and the venturesome can hike to areas to see the Mountain Goat and caribou in their natural habitat - no game farms here.

Cherryville is a community of approximately 1,000 people and we have two convenience stores that sell almost everything you need while on holiday: groceries, gasoline, video rentals, etc.  It's about 55 kilometres (35 miles) west to the nearest shopping mall at Vernon.  Lumby is 30 klms. (19 miles) west and Nakusp is 139 klms. (87 miles) east.  In between Cherryville and Nakusp are Burton, Edgewood and Fauquier - all small communities on the Arrow Lakes.  The only easily accessible way across the Arrow Lakes is the ferry at Fauquier - a toll-free 10 minute ride, approximately one hour from Cherryville.

So, as you can see, while not desolate, Cherryville is miles away from large urban areas and is a world of its own.  The people who live here are largely self-sufficient and enjoy their privacy.  Home to loggers, ranchers, artisans and creative craftmakers of all kinds, Cherryville has an elementary school, a community hall, two general stores, two churches, a nine-hole golf course and plenty of elbow room.  There are resorts on Sugar, Echo and Keefer Lakes and probably not enough time to get to all of them.  Just up the road from Whitewood is the Gold Panner Campground, the site of the original gold rush that opened up this area and a days worth of trekking and viewing of historical sites and machinery that was state of the art during the gold rush era.  Winter brings a new excitement to the area as local heli-skiing or snowcat-skiing opens up a new world for the adrenaline seekers or skiers who want to get away.

While at Whitewood, you can wander through a large, spacious yard as well as acres of trees and meadows, and slip away for some quiet time.

Your hosts will do their best to make your experience a memorable one.  Call 1-250-547-6550 or toll-free at 1-888-503-8219 for more information and bookings, or contact us on-line.
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Debbie Whitecotton
Telephone:  (250) 547 6550
Per night:
Room with breakfast - $100.00
        without breakfast - $85.00
House* (4 people) with breakfast - $200.00
                         without breakfast - $180.00
Extra Person with breakfast - $15.00
                 without breakfast - $10.00

Per week (7 days):
Room with breakfast - $700.00
      without breakfast - $510.00
House* (4 people) with breakfast - $1,200.00
                         without breakfast - $1,080.00
Extra person with breakfast - $90.00
                without breakfast - $80.00

*The house can sleep 5 people using a fold away cot.

Breakfast is a deluxe continental style breakfast featuring homemade rhubarb muffins, fresh fruit, meats and cheese, buns and bread, yogurt, cereals, orange juice and coffee brought to you in the evening and left for you to enjoy at your leisure the next morning.

For your enjoyment and relaxation we have just added a big wrap around deck where you can relax in our comfy patio furniture. 

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Clint Whitecotton
Telephone:  (250) 547 6550
Cherryville, B.C.
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