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Forestry, Logging, Lumber, Firewood
Cherryville, B.C.
Contact:  Sean Ardis
Phone:  1-250-547-6146
Fire protection forest landscaping; danger tree assessment and removal; Silviculture; Forest Safety Training (BCFSC); forestry services for residential, industrial, ranch and recreation properties.
Certified and insured.

Owner/Operator:  Bill Lywood
Phone:  1-250-547-9276
Fire wood for sale:  Fir, Larch, Pine, or a mix.  Delivery available.
Also, salvage logging and self-loading logging truck.

Managed by Cherry Ridge Management Committee

North Fork Road, Cherryville, B.C.
Owner/operator: Fred
Telephone: 1-250-547-9733

Owner/Operator:  Lance Harvey
Phone:  1-250-547-6529
Selective logging; firewood.

Phone:  1-250-547-6827

Creighton Valley Road, Cherryville, BC
Phone:  1-250-547-9424

Hansen Road, Cherryville, BC
Phone:  1-250-547-8837
Logging, falling, firewood.

Phone: 1-250-547-1447
Saw milling services.
Ardis Forest Service

Bill Lywood

Cherryville Community Forest


Harwood Logging

Jerry Mazu

Reynold Mazu

Toni Paul & Serge Viret

Travis Viret