Electronics & Engine Repair
Cherryville, B.C.
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Cherry Wreckers

Cherryville Small
Engine Repair

Old North Fork Motors

Stan Mielniczuk
Owner/Licensed Mechanic: Gary de Jong
181 Campbell Road, Cherryville
Phone: 250-547-8838

Contact:  Michael Mitton
96 North Fork Road, Cherryville
Phone:  250-666-1999
Small engine repair for chainsaws, lawnmowers and the sort.

Contact: Travis Viret
25 Old North Fork Road, Cherryville
Phone: 778-212-8537
Cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads, side-by-sides, snowmobiles.

Richlands Road, Cherryville
Phone:  250-547-8852
Trained technician; repairs home electronics, home appliances, TVs, computer hardware and audio.