Dining Out & Catering
Cherryville, B.C.
Chef:  Annette Welz
Phone:  250-547-2193
Self-sustained, mobile commercial kitchen able to cater events, from remote outback locations to the beauty of your own backyard.  The diverse selection of incredible Okanagan products, offers us great joy in creating your individualized menu.  

1361 Highway 6, Cherryville, BC V0E 2G1
Manager:  Meg Currie
Phone: 250-547-9660
Golf, licensed restaurant and RV park, on the banks of the Shuswap River.  Funky atmosphere with home-style pub food. Indoor and outside deck eating areas with views. Live music events; special events.

1193 Highway 6 (corner Sugar Lake Road),
Cherryville, BC V0E 2G1
Co-owner: Lisa Schwartz
Phone: 250-547-2272
Daily meal specials and menu items; also freezer meals.

Kiel Crebo & Alejandra Machuca
Phone:  250-300-4209
Serves a variety of lemonades, freshly squeezed for each customer.

1681 Sugar Lake Road
Cherryville, BC V0E 2G2
Owner/Manager: Kathy Deane
Phone: 250-547-2057 or 250-547-2281
Small, informal restaurant with simple food; open at set times from May to September.  Also opens for special events and bookings.
The Lodge is open year round and has five self-contained premium rooms.
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