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The Province has received an application for a
commercial marina to be built at the
old fishing camp/Kokanee Lodge at Sugar Lake.
Comments will be received until November 1.
It's simple to comment, just click here (then go to
End Decisions at bottom of page).
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Cherryville is an unincorporated rural area, located in the foothills of the Monashee Mountains.  Known as the place where wild Choke Cherries grow, it was officially named in 1919.

The Cherryville community is close-knit, with many residents being descendants of homesteading families; joined by others over the years, sharing a common love for this special place we call home.
Cherryville Farmers Market
Scarecrow Festival
October 10, Saturday
9am - 3pm
Please visit Events-Activities-Meetings
page for more info.
Sugar Lake